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Restoration, Publication, and Promotion of Music by

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Our goal is to preserve the musical heritage of the United States of America through recordings, research and publication of music by lesser-known composers.

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This website is devoted to the music of James Melville Fulton (1873-1940), who was an American composer. He wrote over 145 marches and many other styles, yet is seldom heard today!

We have an "About James M. Fulton" section to help educate the public with the information we have available!

We have a "Music Available" section which we offer modern band arrangements of several of Fulton's works.

We have a "Recordings" section with MANY recording of music by Fulton, including previously unrecorded works by Fulton, performed by Jeff Yaeger's New Fulton Band!

We also have a "Complete List of Works" section which lists every (known) work by Fulton!

Check out our News page for current events and projects.





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