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Forgotten American Music Volume 4

Bert L. Fulton & James M. Fulton



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The following pieces of music were recorded by a professional pianist who wishes to remain anonymous. They were sight-read-recorded. The idea is to provide the listener with an idea about the music!


  • Bert Lee Fulton (1885-1935) (brother to James M. Fulton)

These are the only known recordings of Bert Fulton's music!

Evening Chimes (1912) The Original Piano Bell and Chime Novelty, by Bert L. Fulton

Shine, Oh, Mister Sun (1912) By Bert L. Fulton (lyrics by Pearl Amsler (later Pearl Fulton))

Cap and Gown March (1903) by Bert L. Fulton. (Dedicated to George Seymour Dible W&J '03)


  • James M. Fulton (1873-1940)

The Aviator March (1909) by James M. Fulton

Battleship Connecticut March (1908) by James M. Fulton

I'm Expectin' a Special Delivery! (1901) by James M. Fulton (Lyrics by Geo. Summers)

The Indomitable March (1909) By James M. Fulton

A Tale of Tokyo (1901) by James M. Fulton (Lyrics by Gerald Kelley)

Tipperary (1902) By James M. Fulton (lyrics by J. FRED HELF)

The Pioneer March (1900)  By James M. Fulton (Dedicated to James Waite of the Waite Comedy Club)





Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2008