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Currently available Music

for Concert Band


These Songs have been arranged and corrected for the Modern Concert Band. Instrumentation has been updated and the music enlarged from original (marching band half pages). Songs are printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

James Fulton wrote music for local town events and gathering. His works sound GREAT with smaller bands as well as large symphonic bands!


Currently Available band parts:

             (This arrangement was premiered by the Milpitas Community Concert Band of Milpitas, California on March 24'th 2006 )


Click HERE for recordings of these works (and more) by the New Fulton Band)

Each Song will include the following parts:

* = optional parts not included in original edition.

** = solo here just indicates the melody. It can and should be doubled.


Licensing information:

I have spent countless hours working on these songs. Most sheet music songs today are really expensive. I have tried to keep the cost low to promote James Fulton's music. When you purchase a set of sheet music, you are authorized to perform it at your leisure. I do ask that you send me a copy of the program and a recording (if possible) if you perform this work.

If you are interested in these songs, or have any questions, please email us.