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Forgotten American Music Volume 1

James M. Fulton



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Here are the contents: (Click the blue title to hear that piece)

These recordings were sight-read with NO rehearsal. The idea is to expose the listener to the music of James M. Fulton  rather than to create an academic/commercial recording.

  1. The Baron's Bride Overture

  2. Ethelbert March

  3. The Game Keeper March

  4. Vivera Waltz

  5. The Vixen March

  6. San Salvadore Spanish Waltz

  7. The Policy King Cakewalk

  8. Queen of the Sea March

  9. Sweetest of the Sweet Song and Dance

  10. The Clarion March

  11. Zangarra Mazurka

  12. Vendetta Schottische

  13. Cecilia Waltzes

  14. Dainty Princess Gavotte

  15. Frivolity Polka

  16. Little Dot Makurka

  17. Kathadin March

  18. The Cherry Pickers March

  19. Gladiolus Waltz

  20. The Romp Gavotte

  21. The Golf Girl March

  22. Titania Waltz

  23. The Senator March

  24. Ma Ebony Baby Rag-March

  25. Across the Rockies Galop

This collection of rare and historic American music is a great addition to any music enthusiasts' collection.

We would like to note that this recording was sight-read and "may" not be perfect. The purpose of this recording is to bring back these forgotten musical gems that the listener has never heard before

If interested, please contact us via our contact page

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2006

New Fulton Band

Jeff Yaeger, Director

Db Piccolo

Barbara Larsen

Eb Clarinet

Lani Cliff

Bb Clarinet

Sue Biskeborn

Morris Goldstein

Allene Goshey

Allen Habel

Karen Hoexter

Bob Yaeger

Eb Cornet

Guy Clark

Bb Cornet

Mike Abouav

Guy Clark

Laura-Shea Clark

Paul Skinner

Eb Horn

Brian Holmes

Kenton Kuwada

Leanna Goodwater

Carolyn Hughes


David DiSalvo

Jeremy DiSalvo

John Fitzhugh

Allen Frische


Vanessa Rodgers


Greg Tyler


Justin Horn

Wendy Tran

Brad Wetmore


Special thanks to the Library of Congress, Loras Schissel with the Virginia Grand Military Band, The Milpitas High School Music Dept, and Justin Horn (Photo Duplication, New Fulton Band)