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Forgotten American Music Volume 2

James M. Fulton



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All of the following were composed by James M. Fulton in 1912.

These were sight read and recorded on August 7'th 2007.

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2007

Across the Pacific March

Ball Room Whispers (Lancers) (First Fulton Lancers Ever Recorded)

At Eventide (Reverie)

Battleship Oregon March (Now all three of Fulton's Battleship marches have been recorded)

La Manola Spanish Serenade

Boy's Club March

Bridal Rose Waltz

The Pioneer March

Dreams of Love Serenade (Solo Cornet)

Fortune Hunter March

Francisville Rag

The Dictator March

Fulton's Barn Dance (Schottische)

Honey Bunch Rag March

Idle Hours (Schottische)

Latona March  (Directors Choice!!!)

Navita Spanish Waltz

Over the Fence March

Queen of the North Overture

Sturdy Oak March

State Line March

Billet-Doux Polka (Love Letter)

Uncle Reuben (Characteristic March)(Pop Goes the Weasel)

Venetian Beauties Waltzes

Strom Signal Galop

Rockwellonion March (Arr Jeff Yaeger from only Solo Bb Cornet Part)


These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2007

New Fulton Band

Jeff Yaeger, Director

Db Piccolo

Barbara Larsen

Eb Clarinet

Giselle Stancic

Bb Clarinet

Charles Ancheta

Rosita Amador

Robert Baucus

Sue Biskeborn

Nancy Farmer

Morris Goldstein

Alyson Nowalk

Robert Yaeger

Eb Cornet

Guy Clark

Bb Cornet

Mike Abouav

Guy Clark

Laura-Shea Clark

Ken Walter

Eb Horn

Brian Holmes

Tyler Morse

Wendell Rider


John Monroe

Barbara Sigler

Bass Trombone

Phil Zahorsky


Stan George

Vanessa Rodgers


Dan Boykin

Tom Johnson


Justin Horn

Dori Shimer

Brad Wetmore

Recording Engineer
Guy Clark

Special thanks to: the Library of Congress, Marshall's Civic Band, The Milpitas High School Music Dept, Robert and Sharon Yaeger, and David Schramm.

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2007