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Forgotten American Music Volume 6

James M. Fulton



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All of the following were composed by James M. Fulton.

These were sight read and recorded on August 13'th 2008.

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2008


The New Fulton Band March (David Schramm (b.1988)) (Video)

Dream Sweetheart, Dream (Bert Fulton)

Fight For Old Glory (Bert Fulton) (Video)

Katzenjammer March (James M. Fulton) (Video)

Lousie (Musical Comdey) (James M. Fulton)

Marchena (James M. Fulton)

May Ray Jay (Musical Comedey) (James M. Fulton)

Prince of Pilsen (Musical Comdey) (James M. Fulton)

Rio Verde (James M. Fulton)

Spring Blossoms (Musical Comedy) (James M. Fulton)

Valse Ballet (James M. Fulton)

Valse Caprice (Dedicated to Catherine Fulton) (James M. Fulton)

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2008

New Fulton Band

Jeff Yaeger, Director

Db Piccolo

Barbara Larsen


Julie Startford

Eb Clarinet

Charles Ancheta

Bb Clarinet

Robert Baucus

Sue Biskeborn

Kathy Boster

Nancy Farmer

Morris Goldstein

Karen Hoexter

Sue Macy

Alyson Nowalk-Ancheta

Robert Yaeger

Soprano Saxophone

Dan Ortega

Alto Saxophone

Chris Kaldy

Tenor Saxophone

Morris Goldstein

Baritone Saxophone

Jerry Nehemiah

Bass Saxophone

Gordon Synder

Eb Cornet

Guy Clark

Bb Cornet

Laura-Shea Clark

Ariel Jessup

Chuck Morehouse

Eb Horn

Kinberli Theel

Ross Gershenson

Leanna Goodwater

Warren Van Camp


Billy Robinson

Craig Whitwell

Bass Trombone

Barbara Sigler


Stan George


Dan Boykin

Bob Lipton


Justin Horn

Dori Shimer

Brad Wetmore

Recording Engineer
Guy Clark

Special thanks to the Library of Congress, The Milpitas High School Music Dept, Robert and Sharon Yaeger.

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2008