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Forgotten American Music Volume 7

James M. Fulton



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All of the following were composed by James M. Fulton.

They were recorded on August 12th 2009.

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2009

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Witching Hours Polka (Video)

The Indomitable March

The Oarsman March

Onward March (Video)

Marching Home March  (Video)

Italiana March (Video)

Marylandia March

Philo March

Whispering Love Schottische

My Marguerite (Song and Dance)

Tipperary March (Video)

A Celtic Romance

Golden Rod Mazurka

The Wizard of Oz (Selections)(1902 Broadway Hit!) Music by Paul Tietjens, arranged for band by JM Fulton, Edited by David H. Bailey

These Recordings are the exclusive property of Jeff Yaeger

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2009

New Fulton Band

Jeff Yaeger, Director

Db Piccolo

Barbara Larsen

C Flute

Lisa Lawrence

Nicole Moon Kellersberger


Jaleen M. Seshardri


Rufus Acosta

Eb Clarinet

Lani Cliff

Bb Clarinet

Sue Biskeborn

Kathy Boster

Allene Goshey

 Allen Habel

Karen Hoexter

Sue Macy

Robert Yaeger

Eb Cornet

Guy Clark

Bb Cornet

Laura-Shea Clark

Guy Clark

Rian Rodriguez 

Carl Stanley

Nick Tripsas

Eb Horn

Ross Gershenson

Leanna Goodwater

James MacDonald

Warren Van Camp


Kurt Kellersberger

Billy Robinson

Israel Santiago


Stan George


Dan Boykin

Jim O'Briant

Greg Tyler


Justin Horn

Dori Shimer

Brad Wetmore

Recording Engineer
Guy Clark, using a pair of Oktava MK-12 omnidirectional
, with an Edirol UA-25 A/D resulting in 24 bit 96KHz master

Special thanks to the Library of Congress, The Milpitas High School Music Dept

Copyright Jeff Yaeger 2009