The music of James M. Fulton is rare today, however there are several recordings of his music. The largest collection of recorded Fulton marches can be found on Robert Hoe's "Heritage of the March" Record Collection. There are five LP's in that collection with Fulton's Music. The New Fulton Band has recorded 25 songs by Fulton. There are also several other albums out there that feature a single Fulton work.

For a list of know recordings, please visit the Complete Works Page.

Here is a sample of Fulton's Marches. The quality of the recordings varies from bad to good, but they are the only know recordings of these songs. The idea is to familiarize the listener with the music of James M. Fulton. (All recordings posted here with permission)

United States Coast Guard Band (Heritage of the March)

        Gingeroso Trombone Phantasy by Fulton

        The Aviator March by Fulton

        The Grotto March by Fulton

        Magyar Katonasag March by Fulton

        Associated Press March by Fulton

        Cymbeline March by Fulton

        Gethsemane Commandery March by Fulton

         WNAC March by Fulton


   Coal Country Silver Cornet Band (Heritage of the March)

       All In Line March by Fulton

       Over The Fence March by Fulton

       We Americans March by Fulton

       Watch City March by Fulton

       The Star March by Fulton

       On The Way March by Fulton

       KDKA March by Fulton

       The Motor Corps March by Fulton

       Walworth March by Fulton

Jeff Yaeger's New Fulton Band (Forgotten American Music V.1 "James M. Fulton")

    The Baron's Bride Overture

    Queen of the Sea March

    Ethelbert March

    Across the Rockies Galop

    Frivolity Polka

    Sweetest of the Sweet Song and Dance

    The Policy King Cakewalk

    The Romp Gavotte

    Dainty Princess Gavotte

    Gladiolus Waltz

    San Salvadore Spanish Waltz

    Vendetta Schottische